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Amazing Mexico and Its Three Cultures

It often happens, when you are seeing in the dull evenings the dullness behind the window and the nasty rain drizzling outside, and the autumn having entered its possessions brings melancholy... and you dream... maybe somewhere it is…

Pizzas at ₹1?

Chef Sarvesh Jadhav of Austin 40 Cafe house, Pune attempted an unusual record by baking over 4,600 pizzas of one-inch each within five hours in the presence of officials from the Limca Book of World Records. With a team of 20 to 25…

Amazing History of Computer Development

Computer inventions have empowered the human civilization in a way that no other invention has ever done. And what should I say about the inventors who helped us to lead a more comfortable life? These geniuses have been the most gifted…

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