Top Scariest Hotels in the World….Beware!

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Partying, dressing up as demented creatures of the night, trick-or-treating — We all have our own take on how to spend the season of fright. Since Halloween falls on a Friday this year, another option is to fulfill that dream holiday that has long been overdue.

Holiday trips are dandy and exciting, but when unseen scary creatures of the night hitchhike with you, the word holiday goes down the drain. Furniture flying, creepy sounds reverberating, horrific images of paranormal all around — If the whole universe decided that Halloween is your unlucky star, these are the least of the things you would encounter on your trip. On the other hand, if the universe really hates your guts, your hotel experience while on a trip might just be your worse nightmare.

So before deciding on where to spend your long exotic Halloween weekend and mark up the holiday fright, read a roundup of the scariest hotels in Asia that would really make you wish you had not gone out of the house this Halloween

Buma Inn (China)

The Chinese really take this paranormal stuff seriously. Anyone would when the paranormal event includes scary creatures of the night going berserk. Buma Inn in Beijing is haunted by a rampaging ghost out to take revenge. Apparently, a guest in the inn years ago was poisoned by the hotel chef. Guilt-stricken, the hotel chef consequently killed himself after the crime. The horror did not end there. Until now, the restless ghost of the murdered guest haunts the hotel looking for the chef who poisoned her.

The Savoy Hotel (India)

Positioned in one of India’s capital, Mussoorie, The Savoy Hotel became the inspiration of Agatha Christie’s novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles. The hotel does not only offer luxury, but an unwavering supply of fright, as well. Its former owner, Lady Orme, who allegedly died of poisoning, is said to be haunting the opulent hotel. This scary creature of the night was reportedly seen aimlessly wandering the halls of her former hotel.

Tambun Inn (Malaysia)

The Tambun Inn is one of the best hotels in Ipoh, Malaysia. Nearby, wandering tourists are not the only ones crazy about the hotel. Scary creatures of the night are said to be haunting the hotel, as well. Many accounts of ghostly events have been documented. Some of these accounts mentioned about lights turning on and off, sounds of whispers and eerie crires hear in the inn. There was also a report about a ghost of an old woman spotted within the vicinity of the inn.

Toftaholm Herrgard (Sweden)

Everybody loves a romantic story, but putting scary creatures of the night in the mix may change some people’s mind about liking them. In Sweden, a hotel named Toftaholm Hergard, a love story ala Romeo and Juliet took place between a commoner and a baron’s daughter. However, the baron had his daughter married off to someone else leaving behind her hapless lover. On the day of the wedding, the lover hung himself from the rafters. His spirit is said to haunt Room 324 where the rafters once were.

The Nottingham Road Hotel (South Africa)

A hotel in KwaZulu-Natal is such a relaxing place that would make any guest want to stay. On the other hand, the guests are not the only ones convinced that it’s comforting to chill out in this hotel. A ghost of a former barmaid is still roaming the hotel moving pots around the pub, opening beer tags, and ringing the service bell. The ghost was also told to have deflated the tires of certain guests who, it turned out, are poor tippers.

We will update more lists of Haunted Hotels soon.

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