Be Confident, Be Mysterious, and You’ll Be Taken Before You Know It!

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Do you know how to really be confident? Do people take notice when you talk? Do you command attention when you walk in a room? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, do not worry. You are not alone. Lots of women struggle with being confident. If you want to know how to turn people’s heads in your direction, you need to read this article.

Confidence is about one thing: believing in yourself. Why would anyone else be interested in you if you are not? People who struggle with confidence issues do so because, for some reason or other, they do not think they are someone worth knowing. They fear not being liked. This fear can stem from a number of things, like:

– Childhood trauma of being teased for something over which they had no control, such as their appearance, their family situation or an unpopular hobby
– Past failed relationships
– Insecurities about their own worth, and countless other possible catalysts.

Whatever your reason for fearing rejection from the opposite sex, you need to find a way to push past it if you are going to find happiness. It may not be easy, but if you can manage to do it, you will be rewarded in spades. Fear hampers their lives in innumerable ways, including in our dating lives. Fear is a feeling of purposelessness. To be successful with men, make your purpose to be the best possible. Once you start to fill your life with fulfilling hobbies, friendships, and work, your perception of yourself will change and you will soon find your confidence boosted. The rest will fall into place.

You can become a confident person by following just a few easy guidelines. Go for it. You are worth the effort.

1. Recognize that there is a chance of rejection -a chance, not a certainty. Flip your thinking around and focus on the fact that there is a possibility that you will be liked and accepted. In fact, that likelihood is much greater than the reverse.

2. Do not project your opinion of yourself onto others. Give others a chance to see you for the valuable and desirable person you are. It’s not fair to you or to others to discredit yourself from the get-go.

3. If you do not succeed at first, be confident enough to keep trying.

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