Higher Gas Prices

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The shortage of oil and the ever increasing demand for it has our economy in turmoil. With prices at record high $ 4, projected to reach $ 6 per gallon, not imaginable in our economy a few days ago. A scarcity of petroleum limiting the amount of oil that is available to produce the gas needed to meet the claims.

The energy ministers of the world’s leading industrial nations met in Japan amid fears soaring oil prices could damage the global economy. Promotion of alternative power sources are getting high on the agenda of the economist. Most do not have definitive answers which would have been best in resolving the issue. This is a highly unstable topic, fears by consumer not understanding the volatility oil extraction causing hardship of production to keep up with supply and demand.

With emission clogging up the ozone layer and the need to go green, the time has come for fuel cell that burn clean and rid the emission of pollutant. what ever fuel system use need to agree with better emission, reducing the pollutant emitted. Battery Power-Hybrid reduce the amount of fuel needed to operate autos. .

Debating different type of fuels to operate cars. The price per gallon has dictated the time to change, the price of a gallon of gas is getting to pricey to continue using the same type of fuel as we are accredited to.

there was a time when you made a decision on a product by being rational, in spite of how the economy has tried to adjust to keep up with the rising cost of a gallon of gas, it wants support gas prices increasing at the present rate.

It losing steam in the current market to afford gas for cars and buy the other goods that are needed with gas prices rising 15-20 cents between fill ups.

Talking to consumer, agony at the pump, most are in awe at the gas costing this amounts. With out any plan of action to end the cycle. Our nation depend on oil, we need to find answers to this burning question, oil prices need to be under control quickly. the need to curve the high usage are at hand,

With all the jobs losses that are currently undergoing, most are not able to afford gas in there current situation. It goes to take years to correct this shortage.

The need to find alternative fuel has come of age. Like it or not, gas prices have reach $ 4 per gallon, there no doubt it will reach $ 6 and above when they start producing gas from the $ 139 barrels. The alternative fuel to power the auto with are starting surface, consumer will demand a change, facing fact oil prices will never roll back to $ 60- $ 70 per barrel. The need of alternative fuel is now not in the future, we need change that will spur the economy, jobs will stop being lost, new sources of production will be created.

It affects more than the price at the pump, increases at the check counter, energy bills rising, getting very hard to keep up with house hold expenses. Budget have reach a point, time for some belt tightening.

The pain is spreading beyond the pump. We are consumers in crisis.

There are solution, we need to take actions.

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