Alaska’s Bermuda Triangle – Unheard Mystery of thousands Disappearances!

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The Bermuda Triangle an area in the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

It’s a place and name, we are all too common with. A place where countless peoples, planes and boats seemingly disappear into thin air.

The area has conjured up all sorts of speculation ranging from the paranormal to a vile vortex. And over the years it’s been the subject of many books, films and videos.

However there is another area on this planet that gets considerably less attention and publicity but has a far higher rate of unexplained disappearances. Welcome to Alaska! More specifically a two hundred thousand square mile triangular section as on average claims one life every single month, giving it the aptly nicknamed “The Alaskan Triangle”.

The border of this triangle stretches from Barrow on north coast of Anchorage and Juneau across the south coast, within it are vast areas of forests, mountains and desolate endurance, most of which has never been explored by humans. It’s an unforgiving territory and those who venture into it, do so at that parallel.

Anyone who happens to get lost or go missing in the Triangle is rarely seen again, dead or alive. To give you an indication of how deadly the Alaskan triangle is, since 1988 16,000 people have inexplicably just disappeared without any explanation. Planes go down, hikers go missing and even the locals just vanish off the face of the earth.

There is no doubt the smoothies intentionally do not want to be found as there is no better place to run away from life than the wilderness of Alaska. But for the rest there is just no explanation and has been. One of The highest profile disappearances in Alaskan history happened in 1972 when two US Congressmen vanished. Hale Boggs was an American democratic politician, and a member of the US House of Representatives.

Hale Boggs, Sr (1914-1972)

At the time of his disappearance he was the fourth most powerful man in US politics. But on October the 16th 1972, Boggs boarded a twin-engine Cessna 310 accompanied by a fellow congressman Nick Begich and his aide Russell Brown. The plane was being piloted by Don Jonz.

Nick Begich (1932-1972)

The Aircraft took off from Anchorage for the three-hour journey to Juneau. Don Jonz was a well known Alaskan pilot and was well accustomed to flying in extreme weather conditions. Twelve minutes into the flight, Jonz relayed his flight plan to ATC (Air-Traffic Controller) and that was the last anybody seen or heard of the plane or his passengers.

What followed was one of the biggest search-and-rescue operations, Alaska has ever seen. And included the US Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Air Force, Civil Air Patrol and civilian fixed-wing Aircraft and helicopters. They also brought in the most sophisticated spy plane to date, “The SR-71”, an aircraft that was capable of photographing 100,000 square miles in just one hour in pinpoint detail, but nothing was found.

SR-71 Spy Aircraft

Boats trolled the icy waters where there was only a 15-minute survival time but to no avail. In a last-ditch attempt to locate the plane even a psychic was brought in who claimed the wreckage was located on a wooded mountain, however a search of the area yielded nothing, not even a tiny bit of debris.

After 39 days of intense searching, the hunt was suspended. And on January the 3rd 1973, all four men were declared dead, despite rescue services doing everything they can locating the congressman, to date not one piece of plain wreckage or human remains had ever been discovered.

But how can this be? And what is going on?

While since their disappearance, there have been plenty of conspiracy theories and speculation surrounding Boggs death.

After all he was part of the Warren Commission and openly rejected The Kennedy assassination: Single-Bullet Theory. Many believed it would have been convenient for him to be taken care off, to stop his investigation of the Assassination. But that’s a different story, and to be honest, doesn’t hold strong enough evidence!

After the incident, Congress passed a law mandating the installation of ELT’s (Emergency Locator Transmitter) in all US civilian aircraft, but that did not help.

Another disappearance in 1990:

Another plane Cessna 340 carrying a pilot and four passengers vanished over the triangle in 1990, never to be heard from again.

Cessna 340

According to authorities there is nothing sinister going on and it’s simply down to the fact that Alaska has some of the most unforgiving wilderness in the world. The harsh landscape is full of hazards including an array of dangerous wild animals, perilous terrain and no fewer than a hundred active volcanoes. And Top of that were extreme weather conditions and the facts that many tourists who visit the area are unprepared, and it’s no surprise that a lot of people get lost and encounter injury or illness that immobilizes them and prevents them from getting back to civilization, leaving them open to being killed by wild animals or the elements.

This could also explain why so many missing people are never found. The vast expanse of the inaccessible mountainous land and forest, means that search and rescue teams have an impossible task trying to locate someone. This coupled with the unpredictable weather, means just finding one person is a nightmare.

Although to their credit, they do on occasion, manage to rescue people. Even finding plane wreckage has its problems, as the Alaskan glaciers, which appear to be solid ice, are in fact enormous crevasses that are bigger than houses that can easily absorb a stricken aircraft that would then be obscured and buried under compacted snow.

But that’s not why we are all here, and there are far stranger and darker rumors for why so many people disappear in this area. If you speak to the Native Alaskans that live near Juneau they believe that an evil spirit named Kushtaka is responsible,

a shape-shifting creature that is half man and half otter, who is capable of assuming human form or any other species it sees fit. They then prey on lost travelers or strangers, appearing in front of them as a friend or relative, and beckoning them to safety before capturing them and transforming them into a fellow kushtaka, never being allowed to return to their former life. Some Kushtaka stories are even grimmer, it’s said they will imitate the screams of a woman or the cries of a baby to lure victims to a river and when the worried traveler arrives they’re killed and ripped to shreds.

It’s also believed that the creature emits a high-pitched three-part whistle. It’s a pretty heavy explanation but one that has been passed down from the locals for a while and one that they still strongly believe in, but what about the so called Vile Vortices? Some parts of the world are claimed to exhibit extremely strong electromagnetic irregularities, this is the same theory that is often blamed for the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

These vortex are said to create all kinds of strange phenomena that affects humans in a variety of physical, mental and emotional ways, such as causing strange visions and demonstrating miraculous powers of healing. They also induce disorientation, confusion, both visual and auditory hallucinations, and are also thought to cause electrical instruments to malfunction.

All of these things could explain why people, vehicles, ships and airplanes go missing in these regions at such a ridiculous rate. More extreme theories claim that energy vortices are actually gateways to another dimension and if you get caught in one, you are taken to another realm, around wherever 16,000 people could be…

In fact even though this all sounds a bit far-fetched, there is some scientific evidence to support the idea that the Alaska triangle is in a vortex. It’s covered with a huge concentration of magnetic anomalies some of which can disrupt compasses to the point that they are as much as 30 degrees out.

Workers in the area particularly search and rescue teams have reported having auditory hallucinations, that they describe as sounding like an angry swarm of bees in their ears. They have also reported feeling disorientated and lightheaded.

Mountains of Alaska (Image credits: NASA)

Now whatever the reason, the fact remains that this region of stunning natural beauty with its picturesque IceCaps mountains and pristine landscapes is inviting people in only to swallow them up without a trace leaving their family and friends, with no clue to their fate.

And sadly, just like the Bermuda Triangle, it’s unlikely we will ever completely understand what happens there. As to date no one has ever gone deep inside the triangle and come back the tell the tale.

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