Pizzas at ₹1?

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Chef Sarvesh Jadhav of Austin 40 Cafe house, Pune attempted an unusual record by baking over 4,600 pizzas of one-inch each within five hours in the presence of officials from the Limca Book of World Records.

With a team of 20 to 25 chefs, Sarvesh attempted the idea of making small pizzas that can be cost-effective and affordable too.
Talking about the idea, Sarvesh said,

“We are confident of clinching the record. With smaller pizzas, anyone and everyone can taste the pizzas across all socio-economic strata.”

According to industry sources, the pizzas were distributed to the children of an orphanage in Pune.
Making an announcement on the occasion, the chef informed that these one-inch pizzas will be available to the public at the cafe from January, 2018 at a nominal price of Re 1.

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