7 Shocking Facts About Online Tutoring

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7 Shocking Facts About Online Tutoring

1. Online Tutor did not get the payment
• This is a very common incident where private tutors are invited to offer lessons in lieu of lucrative money. One such incident talks about how the private tutor was lured into a trap of $ 400 for hours of tutoring. He was paid the money more than the amount, and the rest was to be sending to another person, who has referred the child. What happened to be that the cut for that person went from the tutor’s account but the total money that was promised never came to the online personal tutor!

2. Online Tutor has to pay for the tickets
• Another shocking fact appears to be that the tutors are asked for the money for tickets so that the student may come to the tutor. This is very common for music and language lessons, and one such incident goes where the personal tutor and the client entered into a contract where the tutor had to pay a sum for tickets. No student arrived and the private tutor was duped.

3. Tutors Credentials were not verified
• Very often, the fears regarding tutoring can be recognized. In one such case, the personal tutor’s job that was offered, never asked for the tutors resume. It is shocking that the credentials of the online tutor who is an important aspect because on him depends on the future of the student, is never checked. In that situation, one must immediately suspect some fraud.

4. No Payment for the Private Tutor
• Another common incident is that the private tutor is hired, and his assistance is facilitated online. But at time of payment, no money arrives. Here, one must inquire beforehand, before responding to any ‘Find me a tutor’ ad. One can avoid this by simply finding out the address, and credentials of the would-be client.

5. Tutor duped students
• Yet another case is where the tutor is scammers duping students. The victim is the student who needs some personal tutor and answers back to some find me a tutor ad. Resumes pour in and may be the victim chooses the best still yet he may be duped. He may be asked for a small token of money initially for the tutoring that is never given.

6. Irrelevant Study material to students
• The next kind of tutoring scam is associated with money that is paid by the student for study material which he will never need. This is done by tutorial houses.

7. Sending Scam mails
• The last fact that you must keep in mind is- when you notice, the mails containing grammatically incorrect text. It can be either a real student nor a genuine teacher at the other end.

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