Alia Bhatt’s Song ‘Prada’ With The Doorbeens is Being Criticized for Not Being Original Enough

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Alia Bhatt’s debut video song’ Prada’ with The Doorbeens and Shreya Sharma is out. The much-anticipated song has come from the makers of the famous song ‘Lamborghini.’ In the video, Alia Bhatt can be seen in the avatar of a fashionista and a demanding girlfriend. She is flaunting a glamorous attitude in various high-end brand. As the lyrics suggest, Alia Bhatt is shown as a high maintenance girlfriend who would only talk to her boyfriend if he gets her stuff from ‘Prada’ (the high-end international brand.) In the video, Alia Bhatt can be seen sharing the stage with The Doorbeen singers Onkar Singh and Gautam Sharma.

Alia Bhatt’s fans were enthralled to see her grooving with their favorite band.

‘Alia is one who is getting better and beautiful day by day.’

‘It’s so awesome song like a combo pack and aalia’s dance like so much fabulous.’

‘Like those who watched only for our Queen Alia Bhatt.. ’

However, not everyone was pleased. Some people thought that it was almost a remake of ‘Koi Sehri Babu’ and a folk Punjabi number. Many also thought that promoting the brands and materialism was an unhealthy trend.

‘Another punjabi folk song is ruined… Original “..kale rang da parnda, mere sajna laynda.. Ni main chum chum nachdi fir na.’

‘so most of the songs are all about to show condition to love is to buy Prada, Gucci, Lamborghini, jaguar’

Hence, while Alia Bhatt’s performance and look in this song is being highly appreciated by the fans the song itself has not gathered many likes. Many people think that The Doorbeens were capable of doing better considering their former record. People were also disappointed that the song was neither completely original nor the band mentioned they took inspiration from other songs of the past. ‘Koi sehri babu’ , ‘Kalay rang da paranda’ and ‘Goray rung ka zamana’ are some of the songs that ‘Prada’ allegedly sounds like.

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